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With many issues resulting from my previous IT support company, I called them, they took a look and gave me the solution in a matter of an hour...

Morris Solaimani, Sole Estates

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Whether you are a private individual, or a company with 100 computers on different sites, we offer a comprehensive support service that is tailored to your needs. However, as with any evolving industry, our services and expertise keep on growing, so if there is anything IT-related that is not listed below then please ask.
As with all of our services we tailor our product to your needs. We offer one-to-one or group classes, depending on your requirements. Irrespective of the product being taught we focus our courses on teaching users the skills they require, to create a foundation that can be built on.

We have knowledge of most Office suites, desktop publishing, design applications, and business software packages from accounting to project management software.

Workstation and Server Support
We have expertise that covers all versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh as well as most Linux workstation and Server platforms.

Broadband & Networking
We take you through the entire process, advising on which is the right broadband product, installation and configuration of ADSL equipment, and finally the setup of your computers to access the Internet. We offer either Wired LAN (for most office environments) or Wireless LAN (for mobile computing).

Anti-Virus & Firewall Solutions
We select the appropriate software and configuration to protect your computers from viruses and hacks. We regard this as an absolute requirement for any computer accessing the Internet or other networks.

Remote Management
We offer a remote management service whereby we can access computers on your network from our offices, allowing us to reduce response times and to work outside of normal office hours.
Purchase Advice
We offer purchase advice for all types of IT products - personal organisers, computers, laptops, cameras, media centres, printers and other computer peripherals, with the aim of helping you get the best product for your requirements and investment. As resellers for a growing number of excellent products, you can be sure we can provide the best deal in these challenging times. Full details to follow soon.

Virtual Private Networking
A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a private communications network run over the Internet. Predominantly, it is used to link different sites of an organisation together, and more recently giving employees the ability to work from home as if in the office, in a secure environment.

Data Backup and Data Restoration.
We help you to develop a backup strategy that will restore your computers or network within a time frame specified by you. Ideally we would all like to recover our data as soon as possible, but of course there are cost implications. What we try to do is help you balance cost and functionality, preparing for the worst case scenario in a way that fits within your budget.

In the event that you have no backup strategy in place and have a problem we may still be able to help you recover your data.
Sole Estates has used many IT support companies since it was established.

I was introduced to PoweredMinds in November 2004. With many issues resulting with my previous IT support company, I called them, they took a look and gave me the solution in a matter of an hour. They set up my server and network from scratch and since then I have had no major issues with my computer system, four years on. Every time I contact PoweredMinds with a request, it gets dealt with within my contract period with no hiccups.

I have no hesitation recommending PoweredMinds to anyone that requires IT support.

Morris Solaimani, Sole Estates

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